Thursday, October 3, 2013

[Title Written by a Tired to the Point of Being Creatively Bankrupt Individual]

Are you guys seeing this? The insides of my eyelids look EXACTLY like frosting cones, computer screens, and I think they keep flashing images of the Breaking Bad season finale as well. Oh God... when I open my eyes it's the same thing. Make it stop!

No. Don't make it stop. The doing of these things, I mean. It would just be nice if I could air my head out a little bit... a lot of things are happening at once, and I haven't fully adjusted mentally or physically. In the evenings my brain is beginning to feel simultaneously empty and overactive. Just thinking about things to do, so many logistics... it's like eating Cheez-Its. That analogy made sense in my mind for one fleeting moment, but I lost it and now I don't remember where I was going with it. Like I said, mental adjustments.

There are just so many things that are small in and of themselves, but accumulate to an overwhelming amount. Sure, I can print a file. Sure, I can send an e-mail. Sure, I can do my laundry. Sure, I can feed my betta fish. But the fact that I can't do all of these things at once is becoming a major inconvenience. I wish I had some sort of octopus-like brain that could... no, wait, I've lost it again. But at least you can kind of see where I was going with that.

But can you SEA where I was going? Nyak nyak nyak
I am... exhausted. Partially from work, mostly from being an idiot and thinking my whole "stay up 'til 2am watching television shows" way of life is still a possibility. Yes, folks, we are reaching the end of week one in the J-Mil With A Job chronicles, and I'm trying to pretend that I'm completely unphased. But, yes, now that you mention it, I am kinda tired. Hey is that a pillow?

Do not confuse any of this tired-person rambling with complaining. I am seriously digging the cake decorating. I am digging that I get out around 3 and still have daytime left to do things that I either need to do or want to do. I am digging the overwhelming flux of paychecks that arrived in the mail last week. I am also digging not feeling bad about using funds from said paychecks to buy Halloween decorations to string about my apartment. The unit neighbors like the cobwebs I stretched all over our front patio, which is good because I didn't ask for their opinions until after I put them up. I love decorating for the season, especially when it's Halloween. Halloween is probably the best holiday ever invented. Ever.

No. Wait.

It's definitely the best holiday ever invented.

Anyway, I am really excited/apprehensive to be working at a bakery during this time of the year when most major holidays are no more than a month apart. Because holidays are the few-and-far-between occasions where fatties can crawl out from under the (very wide) floorboards of society and say, "You know what this calls for? Cake," and everyone just agrees. It really is a beautiful thing.

On the one hand, it's going to be a lot more work and a lot more rush. But on the other hand, I'ma be making cakes with pumpkins and turkeys and reindeer and shit on them (for the festive All Shit's Day we look forward to each year), which will allow me to flex my creative muscles in a new way. So far the cakes I've worked on only have borders and flowers, or "edible images" in the center. Nothing too draw-y. I wanna draw things! And then have people eat them! I tried doing the same with my sketches but people don't seem to be as into them... apparently charcoal stains your gums. But also the chemical treatment in sketch paper causes birth defects.

Aside from This Bakery Update, I had my first meeting today with the director of the film I'm going to PD for. I'm looking forward to the project since it sounds like the aesthetic will be more than some basic, contemporary setting. It won't be stylized per se, but it's going to definitely have a "look" to it, and I get to spearhead that operation. Whoo! The hardest part is going to be filling the space, since it looks like our shooting location might be a large, empty house on a movie ranch. Yes, that's a real thing. It's an entire ranch made for shooting movies at. The house in question is huge and completely unfurnished, so I'll have to figure out how to move a whole magikarp-ton of furniture and set dressings to and from the location.

Hey magikarp, can you help me move this couch? Oh wait, you can't, because you're completely useless.
Speaking of entertaining things about the entertainment industry, recent internship duties have included researching trained animals to cast in an upcoming movie. Okay, not only is there such thing as "Hollywood animal rentals," but this in itself is an extensive industry within the film and entertainment biz. That part isn't too surprising in retrospect-- gotta have dem animals-- but what I found bizarre and fascinating was the niches within this industry. You've got folks who have small farms of trained animals like cats, dogs, horses, sheep, etc. But then you've got a company that has been "proudly providing Hollywood with movie lions for over 40 years," or a safari-themed animal rental service, or some weirdo with a circus of professionally-trained insects. How does one train a stick bug? Do literal flea circuses actually exist? These are the questions that will haunt me until the day I die.

Non-sequitur: as per Dog-4-Dinner arrangements, I tried a swankz little Thai restaurant in DTLA last night called Soi. 7. I ordered-- get ready for this-- the vegan pumpkin cashew curry. "Yes," I told the waiter, "I'd like the most unauthentic, pretentious, yuppie-pandering dish you have here." And you know what? It was probably in the top 5 of best curries I've ever had. So good. Oh my god. I'm still thinking about it. And when I go to bed tonight (in 45 seconds), the insides of my eyelids will probably resemble two bowls of that delicious, delicious curry.

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